Patt Kounanis
Patt Kounanis

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Discover the bold symbol of the brand’s aesthetic heritage, the central gold-tone metal barocco letter v characterizing the accessories.

A bold symbol of the brand’s aesthetic heritage, the VERSACE Spring 2020 Virtus collection represents courage, strength and virtue. Complete your look with handbags, shoes, belts and jewelry characterized by the Barocco V hardware.

The supple leather accessory is enriched with a bold symbol of the brand’s aesthetic heritage: the central gold-tone metal Barocco letter V, embellished by acanthus leaves taken from Versace’s signature motif. Crafted from the finest materials, new iterations of the Virtus line include the off-the-runway bucket style – available in a range of sizes and colorways.

The Virtus bag takes its name from the Roman deity and symbolizes strength, courage, and character. Explore close-up details of the Versace Spring 2020 Virtus accessories line.