“Live for the journey, write your story, we dress your memories! Cherish the moments spent in this garment! Keep those feelings with a piece of Greece!”
Inspired by life’s special moments and people’s need for something unique, these affordable bespoke designs add value by upgrading and providing stand-out looks.
Creative patterns, Dynamic shapes and Custom fabrics blended together provide a strong identity for the brand. The KNLs can be recognized from their printed fabrics that are hand-painted, tailor made, adjusted to each pattern and digitally printed to be one of a kind!
The KNLs’ design process starts with us thinking about what we really want to wear right now. We source the finest natural and luxurious fabrics possible, to bring those designs to life quickly.
We believe the perfect fit is the most important part of our clothes. We spend hours fitting on different bodies and have a meticulous approach to our fits.
The story of the fashion lifestyle brand begins from their family’s roots when their grandmother had a costume designer atelier, where she was making sur measure pieces for ladies who could also learn the art of costume design. Growing up in this fashion house, designing became their passion and love for bespoke garments!
The girls behind the brand are Maria and Danae Kanellopoulou, who started their first collection in 2013. Danae has studied fashion and holds a Master’s degree in International Economics from Utrecht University and Maria has been working in the fashion industry for multinational companies and holds a Master’s degree in e-Business from Warwick University.
After their Experience in their effort to express their true need for idiosyncratic fashion, real quality and stand-alone styles, they decided to start their own business, expressing what felt just so natural for them. With emphasis on patterns and fabrics, their perception on Minimalistic designs, geometric cuts and structured items came to realization.
For this season FW’18-19 “WORD.OF.ART” Collection is inspired by arts that fill our soul and enhance our life. A collection, a melody, a painting, a poem, an ensemble of our signature hand-designed and custom-made prints, fine material, bold shapes and natural fabrics. It’s our emotional energy put into art!
The KNLs has international presence in boutiques, department stores and concept stores.


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