Chicuel is a daring but yet delicate declaration of style and spirit. Rich mix of colors and patterns, unusual and in some way untypical combinations make a vivid statement of uniqueness. We aim to emphasize the individuality of each holder of our clothes. Therefore, we produce limited collections which outlines freedom of soul and power of the spirit.

Our magician Eleni Georgiopoulou is the one who comes up with all ideas. First of all, she comes up with an idea of unique and digital print, which she modifies and changes until it truly resonates with her own heart. Then that exclusive digital print is applied on preliminarily selected fabrics of the highest quality. Once the printed fabric is created and is ready for use, our Athenians fairies produce those final limited-edition collections of dresses, gowns, pants, skirts, blouses, and swimwear for customers of Chiquel.


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